Art at St Matthew's

School Motto


Statement of Curriculum Intent 
At St Matthew’s we believe that art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. Our art curriculum provides our pupils with the opportunity to develop a range of skills and experiences through the explicit teaching of skills and the provision of cross-curricular opportunities such as visual literacy stimuli, the sketching of historical artefacts and geographical features and the use of art to express themselves to support their emotional, mental and social development. Children are introduced to the work of great and notable artists, designers and craft makers to help develop knowledge and vocabulary linked to skills. Our children are encouraged to take risks in their work and reflect on what worked and what didn’t in a safe creative environment. 

Statement of Implement
At St. Matthew’s, we ensure that our pupils are given the opportunity to develop a range of skills progressing year on year. This is done through the teaching of four units per year in which skills are taught explicitly, alongside further opportunities woven through our creative curriculum; high expectations; quality planning; a progression of skills; trips and visiting experts who will enhance the learning experience and monitoring by the subject leader.

Statement of Impact
Our children become proficient in the use of a range of techniques and are inspired to express themselves through a range of media. The children are provided with the opportunity to celebrate their own successes and that of their peers. 

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