Think Equal

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Empowering Change Through Education

Think Equal is a global initiative which calls for a system change in education, to end the discriminatory mindset and the cycle of violence across our world and ensure positive life outcomes for our children. 

Together with world experts, Think Equal has designed a programme to teach social and emotional learning to early years (3-6-year-olds). 

The Think Equal programme has been created by global thought leaders in the fields of education, psychology, human rights and neuroscience, and comprises three age-appropriate levels, each containing 22 to 24 original narrative picture books, 90 lesson plans and accompanying resources. It has been designed and scaffolded based upon evidence gathered over the past six decades about what constitutes high-quality, powerful intervention with lifetime effects.

The Curriculum Framework outlines the pedagogical theories that underpin the Think Equal Programme, its theory of change, and the core components of the programme. Included in it are the core tenets, which are the foundations upon which the programme is built: the belief in the child as an autonomous, empowered being; the active, constructive learning environment; positive, factual language; the concept of Ubuntu; the process of narrative; and social cognition. The document also outlines the six ‘I Am’ precepts, and the 36 topic areas through which children participating in the programme will develop. These topic areas are: I Have A Strong Sense of Who I Am; I Am Able to Look After Myself; I Am Able to Look After Others; I Am Able to Communicate; I Am Able to Contribute and Create; I Am A Critical Thinker.

The St Matthew's team are rolling the programme out across Reception this year as part of the Stockport Initiative of being a Think Equal school. This will form part of their Personal, Social and Emotional Development Curriculum.