Recovery Curriculum

Recovery Curriculum 2021-2022

Post Lockdown Recovery Curriculum 21-22

As you will no doubt be aware, the Covid 19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the education of children nationally. The vast majority of children did not attend school from March until September 2020 and also during the second lockdown from January to March 2021. These two enforced periods away from school, (as well as isolation periods for classes with positive cases) have had a significant effect on school attendance and therefore the overall progress and attainment of children, not just at our school, but nationally.

The school made significant improvements to our online learning provision during the second lockdown period, which enabled the school to support the new requirements of remote learning and improve our curriculum offer for those children who had to stay at home.

The department for education set out a very clear agenda for the “Recovery Curriculum” in September 2021, stating that schools, “ may need to modify their curriculum substantially” and that “curriculum adjustments should be informed by an understanding of the critical content for progression in each subject as well as what pupils do and do not know.”

At St Matthew's, we will put this into practice from September 2021 continuing to focus on “phonics and reading, increasing vocabulary, writing and mathematics” as well as the wider foundation curriculum, as directed by the Department for Education.

Therefore, our curriculum offer during 22-23 remains focused on the key areas of learning in order to help children catch up on the learning time missed in school. Over the course of the academic year, the children will be taught the full range of National Curriculum subjects and these will be used as a vehicle to promote the core skills of learning.

We are also mindful that the wellbeing and mental health of many children has been affected by both periods of school closure and we will continue them opportunities to discuss and explore their experiences in a non-threatening way through circle times.

We are hopeful that during this academic year, any further periods of disruption to education can be avoided and with the reduction in control measures, the children can benefit from the teaching of all curriculum subjects across 22-23. However, St Matthew's CE Primary School is fully prepared to implement its home learning offer, if required to do so in the future.


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