In January 2014, St. Matthew's became an Academy within the Chester Diocese Academies' Trust (CDAT).  The trust is set up so that other schools may join it at a future date if there is a case to do so.

As a result of this, the school is no longer managed by the Local Authority and does not receive its funding via the Local Authority as it used to, although it does still have a good relationship with the council from where it buys some of its support and professional services such as sporting provision, swimming lessons etc.

St. Matthew's receives funding direct from the Education Funding Authority. The amount of funding is predetermined by a formula which takes into account the number and profile of its pupils.  This income is intended to cover all the school's annual costs including teaching staff, curriculum, materials and building running costs etc to deliver the priorities set out in the School Development Plan.

The accounts are audited every year by an external auditor and are published in line with Government regulations.

At St. Matthew's we take financial management very seriously and make every effort to ensure best value for money is achieved through effective systems, robust procurement processes and careful budget management.  Our aim is to ensure that every penny we receive is spent to enhance and improve the education of the children at our school.