Core Subjects


Our learning vision at St Matthew's Primary School is to provide a wide range of opportunities that will provide our children with a thirst for learning. We believe this will result in successful learners, who will develop confidence, resilience and an inquisitive nature. Our motto, ‘Let Your Light Shine’ really encompasses the high expectations and positive ethos that can be found at St Matthew's.


We have a balanced, engaging and creative curriculum, which provides the children with a wide range of progressive knowledge and skills. This enables them to become experts in a variety of subjects.  Wherever possible, links are made between subjects, and opportunities are provided to embed key skills. At St Matthew's, a variety of educational visits and visitors are planned to enhance the curriculum; this gives our children first-hand experiences. We endeavour to give children the opportunity to learn through a variety of styles, for example research, investigations and projects.


We believe that the development of language and vocabulary is central to our provision, from early language skills in nursery to the development of technical vocabulary for our older children.


Reading is also at the heart of our curriculum: from learning specific reading strategies (e.g. systematic phonics), to developing an understanding of what they have read, and most importantly, developing a love of reading.  We believe that reading gives our children the opportunity to ‘learn more and know more’ about a wide range of subjects.


St Matthew's CE Primary School has a highly inclusive ethos and we have the belief that all children can achieve.  All children are encouraged and supported to achieve their potential, with the appropriate pitch of work. Those children who have SEND, have a variety of support mechanisms (for example, resources and further modelling) to aid their learning.  Their learning is enhanced through targeted interventions, which focus on their gaps in learning. Those who are more able are provided with more challenging tasks; for example, open ended learning opportunities.


We believe that good physical and mental health is crucial in the development of the whole child, and this has a positive impact on learning.  The promotion of positive social and emotional skills, and mental health, is vital to some of our children.  A variety of programmes and therapies, have had a positive impact on children’s engagement and attitudes to learning. At St Matthew's, we are proud of the opportunities we provide to promote creative skills through the arts; including links with specialist teachers.


We believe that our approach to learning, along with our engaging curriculum and our quality personal development, will prepare our pupils for the next stage of their education and their future success.


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