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Who is it for?

Monster Phonics is a whole-class Systematic Synthetic Phonics Scheme with Decodable Books for children in Reception and Key Stage 1. It is also used as an intervention in Key Stages 1 and 2.

What do the colours mean?

Monster Phonics teaches children to read by enabling them to identify the individual graphemes (letter combinations) and blend the sounds (phonemes) together to read the word. It is a fun way to teach phonics, since it is multi-sensory. Sounds are categorised into ten colour groups, and each colour has a corresponding monster character. Monster Phonics is a highly advanced multisensory scheme. This creates interest and engagement from the children.

Why does it work?

Monster Phonics was developed by Ingrid Connors, a primary teacher, phonics specialist and audiological scientist. Ingrid’s experiences within education and her scientific background led her to focus research on the linguistic obstacles to literacy and specifically how these can be overcome through the systematic teaching of phonics. The outcomes of this research form the foundations of Monster Phonics:

1.There are linguistic characteristics specific to the English language that making learning to read and spell more difficult – these are long vowels, silent letters and ‘tricky’ letters. This is largely the result of historical changes to our language.

2.Showing children the sound of each grapheme through very simple colour-coding makes learning to read and spell easier.

3.Engagement is key to learning – a phonics programme that is successful for all children must achieve a high level of interest and engagement. Multisensory teaching improves engagement

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Please use the links below to watch videos about the monsters and the key sounds for EYFS and KS1.

The Monster Phonics Song -

How to teach Monster Phonics -

Monster Phonics Speech Sounds -

Monster Phonics Actions - 


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