Computing at St Matthew's

School Motto


Our Vision:

Our Mission for St. Matthew’s is encapsulated in our school motto: ‘Let Your Light Shine’. We are always working to build a community in which everyone is empowered to know the best of themselves and to have the confidence to use their talents for the good of themselves and their communities. We help all members of our community to become resilient to the challenges that they face and to live a life that is rooted in values of the Gospels.

Statement of Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum for computing is based on the ‘Teach Computing’ curriculum from the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE). Our aim is that the children at St. Matthew’s access inspirational teaching and learning resources of the highest quality and using the expert guidance of the NCCE as the basis for our curriculum ensures this. Through our computing curriculum, we intend to inspire in our pupils a love of the digital world, so that they can: access and evaluate this world competently and responsibly; understand how it works and therefore adapt as it changes; and, most importantly, see its place and value in their future as happy, healthy and successful digital citizens.

Statement of Implementation

Timetabled Computing lessons are planned and delivered based upon the high-quality resources and Scheme of Work provided by the NCCE via Teach Computing. This scheme of work has been created (and is regularly updated) by subject experts, centred upon the latest pedagogical research at national level (and beyond) and teacher feedback from across the country. Within lessons, teachers strive to harness this international and national expertise in a form that is locally relevant to our pupils’ cultural capital, drawing on parent and visitor expertise, responding to areas of pupil interest and, moving forwards, seeking out local projects to inspire and engage pupils. In order to consolidate the skills and knowledge gleaned during computing lessons, teachers afford pupils with regular (specifically planned and ad hoc, pupil-led) opportunities for computing to enhance the wider curriculum.

Statement of Impact

After recently taking over this core subject, the subject leader has evaluated the impact of the previous computing curriculum and introduced this new approach to teaching computing across the school. Pupil interviews have shown that the children are retaining a good level of curriculum knowledge. Further training is in place to help staff to implement the plans consistently across the school.


Principles of Curriculum Design

Our computing curriculum and pedagogical delivery have been designed to ensure that all children have the opportunity to succeed in the subject.

The curriculum and resources used seek to inspire a life-long love of computing and the help children to develop the skills they will need to engage in jobs of the future.

The computing curriculum empowers our pupils to know more about themselves and the world and nurtures their ability to stay safe in the real world and online.





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