Year 4 Trip to Chester

Lesson: History

Class: Year 4 Year: 2022 - 2023

On Tuesday 1st November, Year 4 embarked on their first trip of the year to Chester.


The children were transported back to the time of the Romans, where they learnt all about how the Romans travelled across the sea to the North of Brittania, to the Roman Fortress of Deva!

Once they arrived and boarded a ship, the children learnt why the Romans invaded Britain and built the fortress of Deva and what it was like to live in Chester as a Roman Soldier nearly 2000 years ago. They explored ports, walked down streets, visited a hospital, Roman baths, an amphitheatre and plenty engaged in plenty of hands-on activities.

The children had an amazing time. Here are some pictures to show you how much fun they had and how much this helped secure their knowledge of Roman history.